Dr Tobias Pincock is a specialised rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney

Many people are unhappy with the shape and/or function of their nose. Even though many people feel this way, they have put off having their nose corrected for fear of the procedure. There is no doubt that choosing the correct surgeon to have rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney is of utmost importance.

Dr Tobias Pincock is among the best trained surgeons in Sydney to perform your primary or revision procedure. He is a fully qualified ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon as well as a fully qualified facial plastic surgeon. Not only is he an expert in the area of cosmetic correction of your nose but he performs many operations for nasal obstruction and combines these techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.

Remember many medical professionals offering this type of surgery have no formal training in the extremely specialised area of rhinoplasty surgery. The procedure needs to be performed by a FRACS surgeon who has either completed both ENT and facial plastic training or be a general plastic surgeon with a particular interest in facial plastic procedures.

If you have made the decision to have your nose operated on, you will want to be certain that you have found a doctor who can get it right the first time.


Dr Tobias Pincock is fully qualified as a FRACS qualified surgeon, accredited as a facial plastic surgeon and is a member of the IFFPS (International Federation of Facial Plastic Societies), Australian and European Academies of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

This is why Dr Pincock is known to perform excellent rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney.

Dr Pincock is highly trained and works to:

  • Change the entire size of the nose
  • Correct fracture-induced cosmetic issues
  • Preserve optimal functioning of the nose while improving its look, or
  • Correct functional breathing defects without changing the outer appearance of your nose
  • Primary, secondary and revision procedures

Combining procedures and costs

A major concern for patients is how much rhinoplasty costs. Prices can vary depending on the type of surgery performed and whether other related procedures are conducted at the same time. Chin implant or chin augmentation, blepharoplasty, or other cosmetic procedures can all be corrected as part of, or in conjunction with your nose job – simply ask Dr Pincock at your initial consultation. In many cases performing work on your nose in conjunction with other procedures reduces the cost substantially.

If you are ready to redefine yourself the way you have always imagined, it is time to book a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney, Dr Pincock. Start down the path to a look that you will love!

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